Gorse And Blackberry Removal

Reclaim Your Land with Gorse and Blackberry Removal

Common weeds are annoying, and detrimental to the health of both your property and the local environment. Gorse and blackberry are the type of low-growing, thinly-branched plants that encourage wildfires. They are highly flammable, and dangerous in dry conditions. They also inhibit the establishment of native plants, which continues to be a concern to New Zealand’s ecosystem.


Fortunately, Steepmow has an established regime for gorse and blackberry removal that wipes out growth and prevents it from coming back. We cut gorse at the base, fraying the stump so the plant will lose moisture and gradually die. For blackberry, we recommend cutting down the plants and tilling the soil to eliminate roots and re growth.

Of course, prevention is the most cost-effective means of weed control. The key to controlling the spread of gorse is to prevent flowering or at least reduce its ability to set seed. If you are already dealing with a major infestation, though, we can help.

Mechanical clearing is a useful method of controlling large infestations of gorse. Follow-up management is essential for lasting control, including continued mechanical clearing every few months. establishing a vigorous pasture to provide competition, grazing of gorse seedlings, or using herbicides.

Whatever method is best for your land, Steepmow will carry out efficient mechanical vegetation clearing quickly and professionally. Contact us to learn more today.