Section & Land Clearing

Land Clearing: The First Step in Development

When you’re beginning development and looking into land clearing, it’s important to choose a company that knows the business. Steepmow has made a great impression on the industry from the start, and as we’ve worked with more and more building and property clients, we’ve gained a greater understanding of what it takes to get the best results clearing land.

In many cases, all of the low-growing brush and weeds are taken out for a section clearing
project. It’s typical for at least some trees to be removed, too, though a few may be designated as keepers so that the property doesn’t look too empty. If grading is to be done, land clearing is typically right down to the bare dirt. This is because grading machines will tear up any remaining foliage anyway, with the exception of trees, so it's easier to just remove it from the start. Once the new homes are built, sod or grass seeds are laid to create the type of lush lawn buyers want to see.

Large-scale section clearing typically works the same way, but in some cases, not all of the area is cleared down to the dirt. Some can be left with closely-cropped plant cover to prevent erosion as the rest of the property is developed.

How we tackle your land clearing needs depends on what is currently growing there. Typically, a combination of machines and methods are used to completely clear land for construction, grading, and other such projects.

We know you want to keep development moving forward as quickly and smoothly as possible, and Steepmow is here to help you reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!