Mowing Long Grass & Weeds

Tame Your Fields with our Long Grass & Weed Mowing Service

For land that is only mowed once or twice a year, the mowing project can be incredibly time-consuming and resource-heavy. Most equipment isn't meant to handle grass that has become that tall, and even if your machine manages to do it, the effort will usually shorten its lifespan. Meanwhile, it usually isn't worth it for one landowner or farm to invest in specialised mowing machine for long grass for such infrequent use. The solution is to hire a service whose entire business is built around mowing long grass, tough weeds, and handling rough terrain.

There are many types of properties that need a service to come in and mow due to the length of the grass. Vacant fields and paddocks are especially common, but regardless of what you need mowed, our service is both prompt and thorough.

There are several things that make paddock mowing and similar maintenance hard on standard lawn equipment. One is that tall grass tends to get bent below the level of the whirling blades of lawn tractors, only to pop right back up after the machine passes by. Another is that when it does get cut, it gets hung up under the deck in wet clumps.

We avoid these problems by using a machine that works to grind and mulch the plant material instead of simply cutting it off. We even have a remote controlled mower meant to take on rough terrain. This makes our equipment great at clearing paddocks and fields, so if you need some serious mowing done, don’t hesitate to call Steepmow.