Section Clearing 
& Mowing

Overgrown Sections &

On-going Maintenance

Has your section become out of control with weeds and vegetation?

We are here to help. We provide mowing services for land owners who are building or are yet to build on their section. We can mow overgrown sites plus provide maintenance mowing on-going or until the site is habitable.


We have a 4WD heavy duty mower capable of mowing grass through to brambles, shrubs, saplings and small gorse.


We can also tackle 30 degree slopes and uneven terrain. Are compact heavy duty mower is fast and efficient.


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How Steepmow Can Help.

Here is what we hear from land owners...
1) Slopes are too steep and unruly for a normal ride on
2) Keeping the land tidy is time consuming
3) Their normal ride on can’t handle the larger scrub
4) Tractors are too cumbersome to maneuver 
5) Struggling to keep their property under control 
Our expertise is in helping landowners take back control of their property and not have the stress of having to manage it themselves.


We can also put a maintenance plan in place preventing you from needing to think about it ever again!


We provide FREE quotes and site visits Auckland wide.


Why work with Steepmow?