Let us clear that site you've been looking at for far too long!

The 15 year old gorse? The section that's getting out of control? The steep slopes you've been tackling?

Steepmow can help.

Our Services

We provide free quotes and visits.

Steep Slope Mowing

We can tackle steep slopes of 50-60, working in any direction.

Track Maintenance

Our equipment can easily manouver around areas to be left un touched such as native trees.

Weed & Bamboo Mulching

We can remove and maintain thick, heavy and mature gorse and other weeds easily with our forestry head.

Difficult Access Areas 

Our machine works on tracks, providing the ability for it to access areas previously inaccessible by other machinery.

Land Clearing 

Clearing bush areas is no problem, 

including areas with difficult access.  

Private Residence 

We don't just work on commercial  land - we also work on private properties and gardens. 


Why Steepmow can help you?

All terrain vegetation clearing 
  • We can clear difficult access areas. Our machine is easily transported on a trailer or small van.

  • We can reach areas with very steep slopes in any direction.

  • We can remove the toughest and oldest of weeds, reducing them to mulch.

  • We are very experienced in vegetation clearing, reliable and honest.

  • We are 10 times faster than traditional methods of land clearing.

  • We have the agility to avoid obstacles such as trees, road signs or other objects.

  • We are the safest option for steep or difficult terrain, by putting no human at risk.


Our Equipment

All terrain vegetation and weed clearing


We provide a land clearing service specialising in vegetation clearing and weed management. We provide an efficient and cost effective solution to clearing all areas, including areas with challenging terrain, steep slopes and difficult access. 


Our equipment is the MDB Green Climber LV600. This is a remote controlled mower, capable of tackling very steep slopes with ease in all directions, and on a variety of ground.


The hydraulics are designed to give the head attachments maximum flexibility. The system allows the head to side shift left and right by 16 inches and float upwards by 13 inches, allowing the machine to work where other equipment is unable to - nearby ditches and walls, or under structures that are lower than the machine.


Operating at a safe distance with up to 1,000 feet radio control capacity, it enables the operator to keep a safe distance from any hazards. 

How steep can we go when clearing land?

The LV600's undercarriage expands up to 16 inches to give it an aggressive hold on steep terrain. Allowing Steepmow to clear slopes of up to 50-60 degrees, in any direction.

The remote controlled ability allows us to tackle slopes usually too risky for ride on machines - making our service the safest option for steep land. (The picture here is only about 45 degrees..)

What attachments do we have and what vegetation can we remove?

We have the standard flail-head and the forestry head attachments for our machine. The forestry head enables us to clear anything from thick dense gorse, and small trees - while mulching at it goes.  

The flail-head is then great for clearing long grass through to gorse and saplings. 

With excellent maneuverability we can clear areas quickly and efficiently.

Whats makes our method of vegetation clearing fast and efficient?

By having the flail head or forestry attachment on the front, it allows us to see exactly what we are doing and to work quicker and more effectively.


We are quicker at removing heavy and dense weeds than traditional, larger machinery, such as tractors or bobcats. 

In addition to this, not needing to ride the machine, gives us excellence maneuverability around trees and tight access areas.


whole area cleared of thick 15 year old gorse 

What type of terrain are we capable of clearing vegetation?

Thanks to the high performing tracks of the LV600, we can clear on steep and uneven terrain.


The track width of our equipment can be increased from 54 inches to 70 inches to add machine stability and expand weight distribution.

We are also excellent at reaching difficult access areas, due to being narrower than tractors and bobcats. 


About Us

How Steepmow came about

Clement Bardon and Emma Horner set up Steepmow to provide a safer, quicker and more efficient solution to land clearing in New Zealand. 


Clement's work background is in New Zealand vineyards with extensive experience using machinery. He has always had an interested in the latest technology when it comes to efficiency and productivity in the workplace. He also saw this as a required service for New Zealanders, to provide an efficient way to clear land where traditional methods are unable to access.

Emma manages the finances and marketing. Having previous worked in advertising for 10 years before retraining to become a bookkeeper. She now runs her own bookkeeping business, alongside Steepmow with Clement. 

Steepmow is family run and owned

Clement, Emma, Elouan their son, and Meymo the dog live and manage Steepmow from their home in Pukekohe.


We currently service the Auckland Regions, but we have big plans for Steepmow, and hope to have another machine and operator at some point in the near future.

We are really excited to be using this equipment - from MDB in Italy, who really push the boundaries of remote controlled equipment. Steepmow want to find other remote controlled solutions for efficient and safe working, and continue to grow our offering for our customers.

Follow our plans on our facebook page www.facebook.com/steepmow.



Great service - "Lu" - I named her on the job, is like a pet with Clement - our site was heavily overgrown with very old jasmine vine that was covering several scrub and bush - "Lu" chomped here way through it almost sucking the vine from the higher scrub at times. Highly recommend and also very economic.


Reliable &


High Quality


Professional & Experienced