Heavy duty & slope mowing experts for lifestyle blocks, paddocks and overgrown sections.

Steepmow can mow anything from long grass through to brambles, shrubs and saplings - up to 30 degrees.


We provide initial clearing for overgrown land plus regular ongoing maintenance mowing if required.

Our service is efficient, cost effective and reliable - so if you're in need of some 4x4 mowing then we'd be happy to help.

(Servicing Auckland & North Waikato)

Our Services

We provide FREE quotes in the Auckland area

Lifestyle Block

Let us take the mowing off your hands with our 4x4 mower capable of tackling most blocks in no time.

Paddock Mowing

Don't risk it on a normal mower or tractor, if you have unruly paddocks. We can mow them safely instead.

Section Mowing 

Overgrown sections are no problem - long grass, Kikuyu, shrubs, brambles and saplings can be mowed.

Steep Slope Mowing

Capable of tackling slopes of us to 30 degrees safely and accessing areas normal mowers can't get to.


Why work with Steepmow?

Specialist mowing Auckland
  • We can clear all type of weeds from long grass through to small gorse.

  • We can mow large areas of land quickly and efficiently

  • Our 4WD ride on mower can tackle the areas a normal ride on can't!

  • We can reach areas of up to 30 degrees.

  • We have the agility to avoid obstacles such as trees, road signs or other objects.

  • We are the safest option for unruly paddock slopes.

  • We have excellent customers service and are very reliable (Check out our testimonials!)

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Our Equipment

All terrain specialist mowing


Our 4x4 ride on mower is an efficient and cost effective solution to clearing these areas, including on steep slopes and difficult access.


We have the Canycom 4WD ride on mower. Compact but extremely powerful (don't let its size fool you, its a beast!) and agile enough to mow around trees and other obstacles, while cutting down anything from long grass through to brambles and juvenile gorse and saplings. 

Our 4x4 ride on mower is capable of tackling up to 30 degree slopes and is perfect for us to clear and maintain paddocks and lifestyle blocks for those who are time poor or just want the task taken of their hands.


About Us

How Steepmow came about

Clement Bardon and Emma Horner set up Steepmow to provide a safer, quicker and more efficient solution to mowing and maintaining paddocks and lifestyle blocks.


Clement's work background is in New Zealand vineyards with extensive experience using machinery. 

Emma manages the finances and marketing. She also runs her own online coaching business, alongside Steepmow with Clement. 

Clement, Emma, Elouan their son, and Meymo the dog live and manage Steepmow from their home in Pukekohe.


We currently service the Auckland Regions, but we have big plans for Steepmow, and hope to have another machine and operator at some point in the near future.

Follow our plans on our facebook page www.facebook.com/steepmow



‘Weedfree Waiheke provides ecological restoration services, specialising in pest plant control, and we’ve used Steepmow on a number of control sites. Steepmow turn up on time, do what they say, and deliver quality work with excellent communications and customer service. Thank you Emma and Clement.’


Reliable &


High Quality


Professional & Experienced